Why use Docucharm?


Extraction accuracy is paramount for our customers. We can understand the majority of your documents, but whenever we are uncertain, we tell you so instead of giving you low-quality guesses.


Docucharm can understand documents with varying layouts, e.g. paystubs. Thanks to our machine learning approach, we can handle document variations never seen before.

Continuous improvement

Our models get better over time, as they continuously learn from unsuccessful extractions.

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Last but not least

Docucharm is simple to use


Integrate API

Unlike using traditional OCR or data extraction software, integrating with the Docucharm API is super fast and straightforward.


Send documents

After you upload your documents to our API endpoint, Docucharm's algorithms analyze your documents and extract desired data from them.


Receive structured data

Docucharm returns a machine-readeable data structure, which you can use to automate your processing workflow.